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A Joyful Life Is Within Reach

Online Coaching with Julian Palumbo

Meet Julian

Christian Life Coach

Hello, and welcome to Christian Life Coaching! I'm Julian Palumbo.

As a professional Christian Life Coach, I'm here to help you grow and thrive. Life coaching is about gentle guidance, and helping you to discover your dreams and desires as well as God's plan for your life.


Jesus said, "... I have come that they might have life, and that more abundantly."

Together we'll get you on the road to your abundant life!

You can email me or use the contact form to easily schedule a phone call with me. 


What I Specialize In

Conquer Depression and Anxiety

Learn how to deal with life issues Biblically

How to eat to reach your best health and mental focus

Find Your Personal Relationship with Christ

Gain wisdom according to Scripture for living victoriously!

"The journey to a better life is taken step by step, but hand in hand." 

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  • Gentle, caring guidance based on Biblical wisdom, by phone or zoom.

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    30 min

    By donation, as able
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